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Acceptance test driven development tool.


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Testing for everyone

For a quick overview checkout this presentation Specrunner. For each module there are examples projects of use.

Specrunner is a ATDD testing tool where you can write your acceptance tests using different styles and formats. Its up to you, we wont judge you. For example, you can instrument the same ATTD test to perform over a GUI or to perform over bussiness controllers, to the stakeholders it is transparent.


Include latest version Maven Central to your project.




IMPORTANTE NOTE: Due to Sonatype changes the Specrunner groupId had to change to io.github.thiagolvlsantos.

To use this new version replace groupId by:


Java packages inside the library have not changed! The only expected change to your project is the groupId reference. I decided to not change major version because running code is not affected, I mean, there is a backward compatibility.

See full changelog.